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Vehicle Servicing

Regular maintenance will increase the life expectancy of your vehicle's engine and lower your chances of suffering the inconvenience and expense of a breakdown. Servicing is preventative maintenance and is designed to limit visits to a garage for repairs and to maximise your vehicle's efficiency by having potential problems spotted before they become costly. We have a range of service options from a basic oil and filter change through to full manufacturer specification servicing and now that european law has been changed, provided we use genuine parts, your vehicles manufacturer warranty will not be affected by having it serviced outside of their dealer network.

  • 01.   Servicing starting from as little as £49.99+vat
  • 02.   Pre-paid service and MOT packages available from £12.50+vat per month
  • 03.   Fixed price service options 
  • 04.   Save up to 50% compared to Main Dealer  prices
  • 05.   Timing belt replacement starting from as little as £90.00 (+parts and vat)

We will always provide you with an accurate price for carrying out any servicing to your vehicle and should we discover that it needs any additional work while its in our care, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a competitive price to be approved before we proceed.

Service Options

We offer three simple fixed price service levels which we recommend for older vehicle's (over 3 years)

  • 01.  Small Service £99.00+vat
  • Includes :- Oil* and filter replaced, screen wash topped, visual check of lighting, tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, horn and general vehicle condition.

  • 02.   Medium Service £139.00+vat
  • Includes :- Small service + Air filter replaced, door hinges lubricated, wheels removed, all brakes inspected, wheel hubs greased, wheel nuts torqued.

  • 03.   Large Service £159.00+vat
  • Includes :- Medium Service + 4x Spark plugs (petrol engines), Fuel filter (diesel engines).

  • Parts and lubricants included. * Up to 5 litres of semi synthetic oil of  a suitable grade. Fully synthetic oil will be substituted at £2.50 per litre within allowance, and £7.50 per litre over allowance if specified by vehicle manufacturer.  Larger quantities of semi synthetic oil carry a charge of £5.00 per litre over the allowance.